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Our team is dedicated to making sure that you have the best service for your property. From regular concierge services for AIRBNB apartments, to full management packages for buildings, we have a team of professionals to help you.

Valencia and Madrid

Nestor was founded to offer specific property management solutions to apartment owners. We help owners create a steady income stream with their property.

We operate in 2 destinations in Spain: Valencia and Madrid.

Nestor is a Globexs brand

Nestor was founded in 2018 as a brand of Globexs (Global Expatriate Services SL). The people behind Nestor and Globexs are Lodewijk Cuypers (Co-founder and Senior Property Investment Consultant) and Tiscar Navarro (CEO and Property Investment Lawyer).

Our mission is to help our clients and partners.

Nestor was created to provide specific property management solutions to apartment owners in Valencia and Madrid.

We close the circle

Nestor is a part of the Globexs group of companies. We close the circle for foreign investors in Spain:

  1. We help them find a property (a Bluekey Homes service),
  2. We give them legal assistance during the purchase process (a Bluekey Homes service),
  3. We put the property on the rental market (a Globexs service),
  4. And we take care of maintenance and cleaning (a Nestor service).

Nestor is your go-to for apartment management in Valencia and Madrid. We offer specific property management solutions to owners so that they can close the circle.

The people behind our success

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