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Property Management
in Fuerteventura

Property Management
in Fuerteventura

Nestor Fuerteventura

Based in Costa Calma, Nestor is your one-stop shop for all your property management needs in Fuerteventura. We offer quality services, clear communication and transparent pricing. We take care of your property, so all you have to do is sit back and relax.

We are experts in property management and rental. Our mission is to offer high quality services and make your guests feel at home. 

Publication service, profile management and reservations

  • Publication of your property in the main rental portals, including Globexs, the famous platform for expat rentals.
  • Profile management and price optimization to ensure maximum income.
  • Optimization of the property sheet.
  • Communication with stakeholders and request management.
  • Confirmation of reservations and communication with the tenant throughout the process, prior to the reservation, during the reservation and after check out, with the aim of generating the maximum number of positive reviews.

PRICE: €150 + tax (1-time fee)

Concierge services

  • We manage the check-in process.
  • 24/7 contact person and helpline for tenants.
  • We manage the check-out and review the apartment.
  • We make tenants feel welcome, comfortable and cared for throughout their stay.

Price: €40 + tax (per booking)

Property cleaning service in Fuerteventura

  • Professional cleaning of the accommodation before check-in and after check-out: before and after the stay of your tenant we clean the apartment and change the linen, preparing the apartment to perfection for the next guest. 
  • Verification of the general condition of the property
  • Provision of basic cleaning products: toilet paper, soap, shampoo… (+5€)

Studio: 70€ + TAX (per booking)

2 bedroom, 1 bathroom: 90€ + TAX (per booking)

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms: 120€ + TAX (per booking)

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms: 140€ + TAX (per booking)

4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms: 140€ + TAX (per booking)

General maintenance services in Fuerteventura

  • General property maintenance.
  • We keep your (rental) apartment spotlessly clean and in good shape. Our handyman is available for small maintenance jobs: changing light bulbs, repairing broken hot water boilers and AC’s, changing locks, replacing gas bottles, fixing unstable wifi connections, and much more.

Price: €35 + tax (per hour)

General cleaning services for tenants

  • Nestor offers cleaning services to tenants during their stay. 
  • This services is invoiced to the tenants, not to the owners.

Price: €35 + tax (per hour)

Decoration and rental preparation

  • We prepare your property for tourist / expat rentals. 
  • We decorate the property in the most optimal and cost efficient way.

We are happy to make you a personalized quotation.

Legal & fiscal assistance in Fuerteventura

  • We can represent you, the owner, when there is a dispute with the tenant. We are experts specialized in property investments and rentals so we know your rights as an apartment owner.
  • Do you need help or advice with tax issues? We bring you in touch with the best tax advisors.
  • Quick response to any unexpected situation.

Do you need a lawyer or a tax advisor? Ask us for a quotation!


We value transparency in communication and prices. We do not charge a percentage of the rental. Our services have fixed prices:

  • For concierge services we charge a fixed fee according to the size of the apartment. 
  • For cleaning and maintenance jobs we charge a fixed price per hour.
  • For decoration and rental preparation we make a customized quotation, as well as for tax and legal assistance.

Phone: 601 45 89 33

Address: Carrer del Dr. Sumsi, 31, 46005 València, Valencia



Phone: 601 45 89 33
Address: Carrer del Dr. Sumsi, 31, 46005 València, Valencia

Todo  los derechos. Nestor: Una empresa de Globexs.  

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